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  • Enjoy our Flower Of Life Pattern that blends energy, wellness, and connection that brings more meaning to your sleep.

  • The innovative Blizzard Breeze Fabric ensures your pillow is always at the ideal sleep temperature and crushes those night sweats.

  • A 2″ gusset adds structure to the side of your pillow to fill in the gap between your shoulder and head. It also keeps your pillow from flattening and sagging during the night, all while adding a colorful flair to the pillow’s outer edge. The mesh material also allows for air to exit the pillow helping it maintain its coolness through out the night.

  • An L-shape hidden zipper runs over a short and long-side of your pillow to make it easy to remove, wash, and keep it smelling fresh.

  • We’re completely obsessed with sleep and know it’s not a one-size-fits-all experience. That’s why we designed a Calibration Zipper on our inner polyester cases to adjust the height of your pillow and compliment your sleep style.

  • Get a convenient, extra foam bag to save your leftover pillow fill for when you need it.

  • The Snowflake Support foam relieves pressure points and supports your head, neck, and spine for a comfortable and cool night’s sleep that leaves you feeling refreshed.

  • A durable pack-and-go bag is also included in your order. We know you’ll never want to sleep on anything else.

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The CuddlePedic team spent hundreds of hours creating an innovative pillow that can do it all. It may sound ambitious, but we accomplished our goal with the Travel Size Pillow. It conveniently measures 10″x15″ with a green gusset rectangle that keeps your travel pillow within reach and ready to go. Revolutionize the idea of sleep by empowering yourself for rest!


Working late at the office and need to grab a quick nap? The CuddlePedic Travel Pillow is ready to go. Going camping? Need a meditation cushion? What about a Lumbar cushion? In-flight pillow? Train pillow? Car ride pillow? The CuddlePedic Travel Pillow comes with a convenient pack-and-go bag to make it easy to take anywhere! Your CuddlePedic Travel Pillow makes everything possible.


All of our pillows also come with a unique three-part cooling system to ensure a relaxed and comfortable night’s sleep.

1) The Blizzard Breeze fabric boasts a higher molecular weight than any other fabric, including cotton, bamboo, or polyester. The innovative fabric quickly draws heat away from the surface to keep you cool all night long. 


2) All the heat passes into the snowflake gel memory foam and away from your body. The gel is activated and continues to draw heat inward.


3) Instead of retaining the heat inside, our CuddlePedic pillows pass it through the mesh gusset sides for a cool night’s sleep.


4) Our innovative approach to sleep and air circulation makes our pillows cooler than any other options on the market.


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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6.5 × 6.5 in


  1. Barbara Jones

    It’s beautifully designed and so cool to the touch. I do not travel without it now! I love it!

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