Yes. You can customize the plushness of your pillow by using the calibration zipper. Simply unzip and remove some of the snowflake support foam. You can save the leftovers in your foam bag or discard it.
Yes. CuddlePedic Flower of Life Edition has enough support foam to fill that oddly shaped gap between your shoulder and neck. We also recommend adding a travel size in between your legs and side for better spine alignment and less pressure.
It is recommended that most adults have 7-9 hours of dream worthy sleep every night. Children require anywhere from 8-13 hours of sleep a night.
You can get a full refund as long as you initiate your return within 99 days of delivery. Simply email or call us. We would gladly appreciate the opportunity to correct whatever reason it is that you want to return it. So don’t hesitate to contact us.
CuddlePedic Flower of Life Edition is great for back sleepers. The 2inch breathable gusset helps add structure to the edge of the pillow to fill in the gap between the neck and head.
CuddlePedic Flower of Life Edition is perfect for stomach sleepers. We recommend removing about half of the support foam and adding a travel size pillow to go underneath your abdomen to help align your spine so you don’t wake up with lower back pain from your spine dipping into your mattress.
CuddlePedic Flower Of Life edition feels super cool to the touch to help you ease into your dreams faster than usual. Say goodbye to nasty night sweat.
Yes. We recommend removing the outer cover and washing that by itself. We made this easy by using our L zipper that runs down one short side and one long side of your pillow cover. This will help the support layers maintain their shape and support.
According to the National Sleep Foundation it’s recommended that you sleep in a space that is nice and cool 60-67 degrees Fahrenheit.
The National Sleep foundation recommends changing your pillow out every 1 to 2 years. Our CuddlePedic pillows have a 3 year warranty and should maintain their comfort and freshness as long as you wash the cover every time you wash your sheets. This is important because dead skin cells build up on your pillow case and cover every night along with spit and slobber. Over time this funk attracts dust mites that feed on these things causing allergies and skin irritation.
Our pillows are made in China but designed and engineered in Houston, TX. We are a company built by dreamers for dreamers.
It takes most people 10 to 20 minutes to successfully fall asleep. If for some reason you lay down and find it hard to drift away into dream land, you may need to get up and reset. Maybe grab a book and read, or do a quick 10 minute meditation. Also sometimes if you’ve had excessive caffeine in the afternoon hours it will block adenosine which is a chemical your brain uses to help fall asleep. It helps to avoid caffeine at least 12 hours before you go to bed.
We are a Texas based company. Located in Tomball, Tx which is right outside of Houston.
Our travel size pillow is a whopping 10×15 inches, roll it up and stick it in our easy go bag to take with you anywhere. Makes for a perfect, plane, train, car pillow, and can be used as a meditation cushion.