Best Sleep Gifts Everyone on Your List Will Love


Sometimes there’s nothing more peaceful than a good nap.

We all have that person in our life who has everything and makes gift-giving a challenge. Whether you’re shopping for a loved one or colleague, there’s more to gift giving than being thoughtful. They can also be functional, fun, and tackle one of the issues we all deal with at some point or another: Sleep. 

Instead of another gift card, give the gift of a good night’s sleep. From the best pillows to innovative finds, here are some of the best sleep gifts for everyone on your list. 

Travel Pillow

Whether your loved ones have a case of wanderlust or are on the road for work, our Flower of Life Travel, Nap, Lumbar, and Knee Pillow adds more comfort to anyone’s day. The innovative Blizzard Breeze Fabric ensures this pillow is always at the perfect sleep temperature and crushes those night sweats. They’ll love using this sleep gift on a plane, car, or hotel.

Travel pillow act as a great deflector when hiding under a blanket fort.

Temperature Controlled Smart Mug

A self-heating smart mug filled with sleepy time tea is a thoughtful bedside gift. Ember connects to your smartphone for customized presets and heats intelligently to turn itself on and off. With an extended battery life and a charging coaster, you can sip your tea in bed and doze back off for a satisfying night’s sleep. Buy several and help your loved ones create the perfect restful room.

BlissLights Sky Lite Star Projector

Kids and kids at heart get swept away by BlissLights projector with drifting green stars across a blue nebula cloud. Easily adjust controls to adjust the effects, brightness, and rotating motion. It’s also multi-functional so you can watch a movie in bed under the stars or add it to your dinner table for an ambient touch. 

Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets are all the rage for a reason. They offer deep pressure stimulation and potentially boost serotonin to reduce the cortisol stress hormone. Gift to someone who needs an excuse to relax. Weighted blankets put your nervous system into rest mode and relaxes your body, mind, and reduces symptoms of anxiety. 

Sunrise Alarm Clock

A Wake Up Light Sunrise alarm clock is the perfect sleep gift for anyone in your life who can’t just jump out of bed in the morning. The natural sunrise simulation features ambient sounds and gradually increases brightness from 10% to 100% for 10 to 30-minutes before alarm setting time. This innovative alarm also doubles as a bedside lamp, night light, and reading lamp. 

Calm Subscription

Calm is the award-winning, number one app for sleep, meditation, and relaxation. Not only does it help foster sleep, but it also offers sleep on mindful movement and gentle stretching and master classes taught by mindfulness experts. Helpful breathing techniques, calming exercises, and sleep stories are narrated by celebrities like Matthew McConaughey. And who doesn’t want the sleep gift of celebrities reading them a bedtime story?

Casper Glow Light

Casper’s touch lamp is designed to help you fall asleep for a calming and soothing experience. It gradually dims so you can doze off and gently wakes you up for an easy rise to face the day. Its portable design makes it easy to carry this sleep gift with you in the middle of the night for a snack or drink of water.

Luxury Pajamas

Give the classic sleep gift of pajamas with a luxurious touch. PJs are functional, stylish, and help everyone get a better night’s rest. As sleep obsessed pros, we’re partial to staying comfortable all night long. We recommend choosing bamboo pajamas or quick-wik options for a cool and refreshing night’s sleep for your gift recipient. 

Why We Sleep

All the book worms in your life need “Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams.” Written by Matthew Walker, PhD, the book explains how we can harness sleep to improve our learning, mood, energy levels, regulate our body’s hormones, and slow the impact of aging. His research shows how sleep can even prevent cancer, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes. It’s informative, interesting, and the perfect sleep gift for bedtime reading.

Side and Stomach Sleeper Pillow 

If your loved ones are side or stomach sleepers, surprise them with a pillow designed just for them. Get one king-size and one travel size CuddlePedic pillow . Place between your spine, lower back, or knees to ease the pressure and get a better night’s sleep. It can also be used under the abdomen to prevent the spine from dipping in and hurting vulnerable lower backs.

Sleep Essential Oils and Diffuser

Essential oils are shown to help promote relaxation, reduce anxiety, and improve sleep. Options like chamomile and lavender help reduce anxiety and reduce cortisol levels and could improve circadian rhythms. Add Dream Essential Oils to a diffuser to relax and unwind to fall asleep faster and easier. The blend of Clary Sage, Roman Chamomile, and Lavender Oils promote sleep support to send your family and friends into a relaxing sleep. 

Sleep Journal

A sleep journal makes a perfect sleep gift for anyone in your life who has difficulty sleeping or suffers from insomnia. The journal helps track when you go to bed, how long it takes to fall asleep, nap habits, any alcoholic or caffeinated drinks, exercise, and any periods of wakefulness. If a sleep journal sounds too clinical, a dream journal is also a fun option for your loved ones to keep tabs on their slumber.

Final Thoughts

A sleep gift is a fun, unique, and highly functional way to show someone you care. Pick and choose your favorite ideas from our cool-touch pillows to bedside gadgets. Just make sure to gift yourself the enjoyment of an amazing night’s sleep.

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