10 Reasons To Sleep On The Floor (and How to Do It Right)


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Sleeping on the floor may have gone out of style with the invention of mattresses and sleep accessories, but it is still practiced in many cultures. If you’re having trouble falling asleep and getting a good night’s rest, choosing to sleep on the floor could be the answer you’re looking for. 

Want to try it for yourself? Learn about the benefits and how to do it comfortably. 

1) Stay Cool

Depending on the environment in your bedroom, you’ll likely find that sleeping on the floor is cooler than the rest of the room. Heat rises, and the floor will probably be the coldest location to snooze. And if you live in a warm climate or struggle with maintaining a comfortable body temperature, sleeping on the floor could prove more comfortable than climbing into a soft bed.

2) Get Back Pain Relief

Many people sleep on the floor out of sheer desperation. Back pain keeps many of us up and creates discomfort all night long. Although there is little research on floor sleeping and back pain, scores of people swear it helps, especially over time. Sleeping on a firm surface is also likely to keep you in a more neutral and pain-free position. 

3) Realign Your Posture

When you sleep on the floor, you could end up realigning your posture and back pain at the same time. The spine is prone to curving and shifting on a softer surface. The firmness of the floor could quickly realign your posture, support your spine, and offer pain relief all at the same time. 

Whether you’re on a mattress or on the floor, placing a pillow between your knees or thighs can also help maintain the natural alignment of your hips. The extra pillow is also shown to help ease pelvic pain and take the strain off of your muscles and ligaments. Try one of our cool and comfortable pillows for a better night’s sleep.

4) Improve Anxiety

Beyond your physical aches and pains, lying on the floor can help reduce anxiety with “active rest.” As your back adjusts and your fear wanes, your body and mind will likely feel more connected and at peace. Resting on your back is also part of the celebrated Alexander Technique but can also be used for an all-night slumber. 

5) Improve Blood Circulation

When you sleep on the floor, your body weight is distributed more evenly and brings more comfort. Depending on your body and how you’re sleeping, sleeping on the floor could improve your health, blood circulation, and allow your heart and lungs to work more efficiently. However, blood circulation won’t necessarily improve for everyone, and the cooler temperatures could aggravate your condition. If you have anemia or diabetes, you should talk to your doctor before trying to sleep on the floor.  

6) Ease Insomnia

Insomnia can be triggered by stress, an irregular sleep schedule, anxiety, grief, or poor sleeping habits. Whatever the reason you can’t drift off to sleep, moving to the floor could help. The change of routine can shift your mindset and get out of your usual nighttime rut. But more importantly, you’re likely to alleviate your aches and pains and feel more reconnected to your mind and body.

7) Simplify Sleeping

What does your weekly routine look like? Laundering sheets, blankets, and re-dressing your mattress takes time and resources. Getting everything ready at night is also an investment of time, even if it just takes a few minutes to sort out your bed. When you sleep on the floor, you eliminate the need for over-planning and cut down on weekly chores. Just grab your favorite cool touch pillows and a blanket and settle in until morning.

8) Get the Best of Both Worlds

Just because you want to sleep on the floor doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy any cushion. Asian cultures often sleep on a thin mat to reap the benefits of better posture and rest while staying comfortable. Instead of choosing between a mattress and your firm floor, choose an in-between solution that combines the best of both worlds. You’ll get more comfort but also the potential benefits of floor sleeping.

9) Achieve Deeper Sleep

Die-hard floor fans swear they sleep deeper and wake up better rested once they adjust to the practice. The reasons likely vary for everyone but point to all of the benefits of floor sleeping. Whether you have Insomnia, back pain, or run hot at night, you’re likely to find relief from the comfort of your floor.

10) Save Money

When you sleep on the floor, you save money and have more disposable income. Whether you’re spending money on bedding or detergent and linen sprays, you can skip all of that and opt for the floor instead. If you’re experiencing financial strain or in the middle of the movie, there’s also no need to rush into buying a new mattress. A full night’s rest is within reach.

How to Sleep on the Floor Comfortably

Start with the basics if you want to sleep on the floor to see how it improves your rest. Vacuum and clean a clutter-free area to prevent ingesting any allergens. Next, place a blanket, sheet, or thin mat on the floor. A comfortable pillow that keeps you cool through the night is a must, plus a second pillow under your knees for added support. Make sure to give sleeping on the floor a chance; it can take a few nights’ to adjust. Or you can experiment and enjoy some meditation or an afternoon nap from the floor to gradually get used to the new practice.

Remember, the goal of a good night’s sleep is to ease your aches, pains, and other issues. Talk to your doctor if you’re still not sleeping well to see if the problem is related to a medical condition or issue. 

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