Five things you should not do while going to bed


Are you ruining the possibilities of good sleep before you even go to bed? Facing trouble while going to lie down OR irregular sleeping pattern?  WELL! We get it; you might have one of these five common bad habits at bedtime. One night of sleepiness may leave you feeling exhausted, sluggish, and unproductive in the daytime. Avoid these 5 bad habits and improve your quality of sleep and daily life.

#1 Binge-Eating while going to bed

Nope! We are not going to talk about binge watching your favorite series at bedtime (we will get to that in # 05); we are concerned about brunch, dessert, and dinner at late night. Before you lay down, your body needs time to digest all that stuff. It is possible you will get digestive problems and heartburn that can disrupt your sleeping pattern. How?  Once your stomach is entirely full, acid will creep into your esophagus and (say hello heartburn). Sleep position compounds the issue as gravity is not there to help hold the stomach acid in balance. Some foods can even cause bad dreams and restlessness when eaten to close to bed time. Avoid eating 2 hours before bedtime and you will certainly sleep better.

#2 Booze-Say no To The Night Cap

Drinking alcohol slows down your eye movements, your heartbeat, breathing pattern and gives you comfort at a certain time, Oops Sorry! It’s not true that overdoing nightcaps will help you sleep soundly. Literature reveals that late-night alcohol can make you feel lazy or drowsy this will disrupt your sleep and keep you in a restless sleeping state. Causing you to wake up unrested and irritable. Avoid alcohol within a few hours of bedtime.

#3 Scrolling Social media

Use of the Mobile phone is a part of everyday life. It can be your alarm, travel planner, entertainer, and much more. At bedtime, your mind is wired to respond on the screen to what it shows. As compared to having ease you to sleep, it serves as a diuretic. Just one last scroll on social media before falling asleep RIGHT? That throws your mind into trouble-solving modes that will not allow you to get into your natural sleep cycle. Keep your devices away starting at least an hour before bed. By not using your device and being exposed to the blue light your body will be able to get into the natural sleep cycle a lot quicker and easier.

#4 Exercise at Night

Are you surprised that we are talking about exercise? While exercise burns calories, elevates mood, and increases the levels of cortisol. When done to closely to bed time exercise can cause you to stay awake longer, and make it harder to fall asleep do to higher heart rate and release of endorphins. Instead of doing a full workout close to bed time opt for a meditation to calm and ease you into your nightly sleep routine. With better quality sleep you can then wake up earlier and start your day with exercise.

#5 Don’t Rush your Mind

Don’t rush your mind and fluctuate your sleeping schedule while working hours and hours. It is tempting to sit up for hours or thinking that you can do more. But it can have devastating effects on your fitness and health to fall into the trap of going asleep later and later.

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